Masterclasses and Connections for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Entrepre-curious Souls

Our mission is to get wellness in front of as many eyes, minds, and souls as possible through helping wellness practitioners get launched, seen and found by their ideal clients and facilitating authentic creative self-expression.

Our Spiritual Audiences

Are you a service-based wellness professional who feels stuck while developing your website and business offerings?

Are you ready to enrich your business?

Or are you a creative freelancer seeking to embody your offerings, help spiritual entrepreneurs, and ensure your work makes an impact?

Perhaps you’re yearning for more creativity and have an internal instinct that you’re designed for another life path! Get ready to expand.


Welcome all, to the community!

To the healers and light workers…

…through accessible and actionable masterclasses, empower yourself to take control of your business and get clients!  You have been hiding for too long, and the world needs your gifts to come to light.

To our curious students, explore your true self and higher self through creativity!

Think of Aeracura as your launchpad for visibility.  Our classes are intentionally designed to provide accessible, actionable, and transformative guidance.  After your 60-90 minute class and completing the advised assignments, we guarantee you’ll be one step closer to confidently sharing your gifts with your community.

You’re supported throughout the process and what sets Aeracura apart from other learning platforms is community.  Our teachers are all available for one-on-one support bookings, with special packages and group offers for students who have completed classes and bring their efforts forward for co-creation.

Aeracura was designed with three audiences in mind

What connects us:



Soul alignment

Our collective vision:

Cooperation over competition

People, planet, profit

Abundance mindset

I am

a spiritual entrepreneur/solopreneur (established or budding)


seeking creative solutions to help run and build my business and community connections so I no longer feel isolated and frustrated on my journey of service

I am

a freelancer with an offering made for spiritual solopreneurs


seeking to teach, mentor, and meet highly aligned clients whom I can support with my creative business development offerings, as well as creative collaborators

I am

an individual who yearns for more creativity, spirituality, and connection


seeking to expand my horizons, learn new skills, and explore creative hobbies and spirituality on a deeper level through creative self expression

The Essence of Aeracura

Our launchpad is symbolized by a water lily, opening naturally and organically on the supportive elements of water and earth, towards the expansive elements of air and sun fire.


Your own journey to the full expression of this stage of your journey can be just as organic and fluid as nature intends.  It can be just as supported and intuitive as the opening of a flower.

The feminine qualities of free-flowing, fluid, feeling, connection, openness and creativity are intentionally brewed into our brand and offerings.

AERACURA is named after a Celtic and Germanic Goddess, discovered in an Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue. She brings the message of Blossoming:


“You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process and do not give up.”

“In many ways, you are like a flower bud who is ripe and ready to open and grow.  Don’t try to rush this process, as it’s part of your beautiful path.  Enjoy learning new knowledge and skills.  Take your time to gather new ideas.  Nurture your body with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, water, and healthful food.  Soon enough, you’ll get the unmistakable signal that it’s time to put your learning into action.  Spend time among flowers, or work with flower essences and oils to support your growth process.

About Aeracura: Aeracura is a Celtic and Germanic goddess who multitasks as an Earth Mother Deity, a fairy queen, and also a bridge between earthly life and the hereafter.  She helps us put our goals and challenges into perspective so that we don’t needlessly stress ourselves.  Call upon her for emergency money or help in manifesting supply.  She’s especially fond of assisting artists and inventors.”

-Guidebook for the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Discovering the archetypal energies of Aeracura in the Branding Story linked above was the moment the evolving concept of this offering came together in one succinct summary.  Our desired audience is the budding entrepreneur (and entrepre-curious) who is seeking to learn new knowledge and skills, enjoy the process, and grow.

The fact that Aeracura is an Earth Mother Deity is also deeply resonant with a core guiding principle that when we each heal ourselves, we heal the planet as well.   Our mission is to get wellness in front of as many eyes, minds, and souls as possible by supporting healers in getting launched, seen, and found.  This provides abundance to the entire community.

Furthermore, creatively expressing yourself and embodying your gifts are routes to higher vibrational living and healing.  Expand your creativity to know yourself more deeply, learn to authentically self-express and in turn unblock your life force energy.

This brand is all about people and the planet first, with profit as a side effect of contributing to a brighter and healthier future.

So, Friend, If YOU ARE

A curious soul looking to expand your creative horizons

Bored or under-stimulated with your current routines

Stagnant in your personal growth and satisfaction

Have an inner knowing you are meant for something else

Have an inner sense of alignment with what you've read here

Feel a sense of relief about the potential of creative expansion

Excited at the thought of self-knowledge and self-expression

Curious about spirituality, human design, astrology, and intuition development

Check out our first EXPAND class, available here:

A holistic service provider looking to enrich your spiritual business

Tired of doing everything alone

Feeling stuck about how to move forward

Confused about websites, tech, and business development

Confused about whether you're on the right track

In analysis paralysis with too many things on your plate

Tired of playing small and doing work that doesn't feel meaningful

Ready to take your spiritual business to the next level

Ready to Enrich your life with new knowledge and skills

Seeking connection and collaboration with like-minded souls

Ready to be seen and found by your ideal clients

Beyond ready to be fully launched with your wellness services


Check Out AERACURA’s Self-Paced Masterclasses and Collaborative Connections

Our first series of classes, available now, is all about getting yourself visible and intentionally, imperfectly, launched.  Consider it a beginner website content creation crash course.  By completing this first series of classes, you’ll have everything you need to build your website in a single day.

The collaborative connection available today is the support of our first teacher, Carly EM Creative.  Read more about her supportive offerings here.  Add consultations to your classes to confidently propel you towards your launch goals for enhanced visibility, ASAP.


Take action today:


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